5 June, 2023 / In brief

Anti-greenwashing cheat sheet for companies launches

By Laura Miller

The do's and don'ts in communicating sustainability efforts

Anti-greenwashing cheat sheet for companies launches

Worldfavor, a global sustainability platform, has released a comprehensive guide for companies looking to effectively communicate their sustainability efforts while avoiding misleading or false claims. 

The ‘anti-greenwashing playbook’ is designed to help companies navigate the complexities of sustainability communication. 

Greenwashing is the act of making exaggerated or deceptive environmental claims. A study by the European Union in 2021 found that nearly half of all environmental claims made online are exaggerated, deceptive or false. 

The anti-greenwashing playbook offers practical advice for avoiding buzzwords, presenting genuine efforts, and identifying potential pitfalls. 

It covers vital aspects including greenwashing laws, a checklist of do’s and don’ts, and strategies for  collecting data to support claims of impact

Worldfavor believes while most companies genuinely strive to do good, they often lack the necessary expertise to communicate their sustainability initiatives accurately.  

The consequence, intentional or not, can be detrimental to a company’s reputation.

Greenwashing is also becoming costly as regulators are increasingly taking legal action to hold companies accountable, with significant penalties being imposed in various countries. 

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