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ESG statement

At Ninety One, we believe the privilege of investing our clients’ capital carries with it a responsibility to try to secure a sustainable future.

We aim to make a positive difference to people and the planet while delivering long-term investment returns. We do so through a robust and comprehensive integration of sustainability analysis and research into our investment processes.

We invest sustainably in four ways:

  1. All our investment strategies incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors as we believe that ESG investing should enhance long-term performance. By incorporating ESG factors, our strategies consider the full spectrum of risks and opportunities associated with an investment.
  2. As an active investor, we engage with portfolio companies and governments to encourage them to address sustainability and improve their ESG performance. We believe strongly in the power of engagement to effect positive change.
  3. We offer dedicated investments targeting opportunities arising from the world’s transition to a more sustainable model, giving investors the chance to put their capital at the leading edge of the sustainability revolution.
  4. Our solutions include investments that have a positive impact. Since 2008, our private equity, credit and infrastructure investments have enabled sustainable development in Africa (e.g. our Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund, which has helped to transform lives across the continent).


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