26 January, 2023 / News

Fairtrade launches human rights risk map

By ESG Clarity

Uncover risks such as child labour, gender rights and living income

Fairtrade launches human rights risk map

Fairtrade has launched a risk map to help companies identify human rights and environmental risks within their supply chains.

Covering the coffee, cocoa, bananas, wine grapes and honey sectors, as well as the most common countries of origin of these products, Fairtrade has carried out risk and impact assessment work, through dialogue and participatory processes, to uncover risks such as child labour, gender rights and living income, as well as environmental risks related to climate change, water and biodiversity.

The foundation estimated one in five workers globally lives in poverty, agricultural production is responsible for 70% of freshwater withdrawals across the world, and child labour is increasing. As a result, it has spent several months working with farmer cooperatives, workers and plantation management, and external experts across six continents to develop the map and plans to add more products in due course. It hopes to encourage more companies to carry out this due diligence process “mitigating and remediating risks together with farmers and workers”.

Marike de Peña, president of the Fairtrade Producer Network for Latin America and the Caribbean CLAC, said: “The risk map can facilitate a transparent dialogue between supply chain actors and help companies in building effective responses to address the greatest risks, avoiding further harm to farming communities and the planet.

“Fairtrade has been a pioneer in advancing human rights in business for more than 30 years,” added Fairtrade’s business and human rights director Tytti Nahi. “Due diligence must not be just about internal processes and requirements to business partners, it needs to be about dialogue, collaboration and changing one’s own practices, to improve people’s lives and protect the environment.”

Access the map here using the password: RightsholderVoice!

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