13 September, 2023 / Analysis

MSCI unveils Sustainability Institute

By ESG Clarity

Driving collaboration, research and discussion on sustainability challenges

MSCI unveils Sustainability Institute

MSCI has launched a Sustainability Institute to drive collaboration on climate change challenges across finance, governments, companies, NGOs and academia.

Linda-Eling Lee (pictured) has been appointed founding director and head of MSCI Sustainability Institute following her stint leading global ESG and climate research at MSCI. She has worked at MSCI since 2010.

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The institute aims to close the gaps between strategy-setting data, analysis, policy and action and therefore advance the transition to a clean-energy economy.

It will:

  • Offer access to data – The institute will equip academic researchers and policymakers with sustainability data, metrics and models that investors use to inform their decision-making.
  • Explore new approaches – It will encourage innovators to pilot new data and approaches for measurement including a framework for investment in climate resilience developed by the Global Adaptation and Resilience Investment Working Group (GARI), with backing from the Institute and financial support from the Bezos Earth Fund and ClimateWorks Foundation.
  • Provide decision-useful research – Curate a selection of academic papers useful to investors and companies highlighting studies that investigate how sustainability factors interact with the value of financial assets.
  • Be a forum for debate – Bring together leaders to exchange diverse points of view on sustainability risks and opportunities.

“We are incredibly excited to work with investors, academics, policymakers, NGOs and companies across industries, leveraging MSCI’s experience in developing new ways to measure both financial and non-financial value,” said Lee. “Together, we will deepen knowledge of how capital markets can help drive sustainable value.”

“Global challenges such as climate change cannot be solved by governments, corporations, NGOs or multilateral organisations alone,” added Henry Fernandez, chairman and CEO of MSCI. “The most meaningful solutions all require some type of cross-sector collaboration. Through the MSCI Sustainability Institute, we will bring together a wide range of thinkers with complementary strengths and expertise, and help them turn data-driven ideas into real-world influence and action.”

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