7 July, 2023 / News

Net-zero tracker for real estate investors launches

Tracking progress towards goal over time

Net-zero tracker for real estate investors launches

Sustainability services company Evora Global has launched a product to help investors managing $1trn in real estate funds to track their progress towards net zero.

The Net Zero Tracker produces a graph showing investor’s own net-zero target vs the real progress towards that goal over time. It can show whether they are on track or falling short and identifies which sustainable investments are having the most impact. 

Close to 40% of emissions come from real estate, Evora Global has found, and many investors in the sector have set net-zero targets along with incentives to achieve them.

“But until there’s clarity on their own progress, it’s hard for those investors to make clear decisions on next steps,” said Chris Bennett (pictured), founder of Evora Global.

“This feature enables real estate investors to see, in a single snapshot, how close they are to achieving their net-zero targets, and how that’s likely to progress over time.”

Bennett added he hopes the world’s biggest funds will “take the lead” on setting clear pathways to a sustainable future.

“We hope this feature will enable some of our world’s most powerful investors to make decisions that will deliver significant progress towards a net-zero society.”

Clients of Evora Global include Invesco and M&G.

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