23 August, 2021 / Measuring impact: the themes and challenges

Part 1: The nine themes of impact investing

In the first of the three-part roundtable, Federated Hermes’ Ingrid Kukuljan discusses the importance and future of impact investing together with a panel of investment specialists

Part 1: The nine themes of impact investing

ESG Clarity Intelligence proudly presents the first of the three-part roundtable highlights in partnership with Federated Hermes featuring Ingrid Kukuljan, head of impact investing and a panel of impact investing specialists.

In the first episode, the panellists discuss the impact themes within their companies and how they align with the UN SDG goals.

The discussion then focuses on the developments which can be achieved through sustainable impact investing and how those achievements can be backed-up with data.

The panel featured:

  • Damian Payiatakis, Head of Impact Investing, Barclays
  • Louisiana Salge, Senior Sustainability Specialist, EQ Investors
  • Amy Clarke, Chief Impact Officer, Tribe Capital
  • James Hicks, Impact Data Lead, The Impact Management Project
  • Abigail Rotheroe, Investment Director, Snowball

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