23 August, 2021 / Measuring impact: the themes and challenges

Part 3: The future of impact investing

In the concluding video of the three-part series, Federated Hermes’ Ingrid Kukuljan and a panel of investment specialists share their outlook on the future of impact investing

Part 3: The future of impact investing

ESG Clarity Intelligence is delighted to publish the third and final video of this roundtable series in partnership with Federated Hermes featuring Ingrid Kukuljan, head of impact investing and a panel of impact investing specialists.

Concluding the roundtable, Kukuljan and the panel delve deeper into how managers need to integrate impact into their process long term so that impact reporting does not become a vanity process.

The also share their ‘wishlist’ for changes in the coming years including mandatory disclosure, more transparency, diverse approaches and real-world impact.

The panel featured:

  • Damian Payiatakis, Head of Impact Investing, Barclays
  • Louisiana Salge, Senior Sustainability Specialist, EQ Investors
  • Amy Clarke, Chief Impact Officer, Tribe Capital
  • James Hicks, Impact Data Lead, The Impact Management Project
  • Abigail Rotheroe, Investment Director, Snowball

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