13 April, 2023 / News

SDI AOP launches portfolio sustainability analysis tool

By Laura Miller

Dashboard will enable investors to 'easily assess their portfolios in terms of fulfilling sustainability criteria'

SDI AOP launches portfolio sustainability analysis tool

The Sustainable Development Investments Asset Owner Platform (SDI AOP) and Qontigo, its distribution partner, have launched a new tool to allow investors to analyse their portfolios across a range of sustainable development goal-related measures.

The SDI Dashboard allows investors to upload their investment portfolios to analyse them.

This analysis could be a portfolio overview, designed for overall SDI monitoring and client reporting, to include breakdowns by SDI status as well as positive and negative revenue contributions. 

These can be further broken down by categories such as sectors or industry groups. 

The dashboard is also designed to support research and portfolio management, to enable further SDI analysis relative to the client’s chosen benchmark and allow clients to identify top positive and negative SDI holdings.  

Users can view the data onscreen and also generate PDF reports.

James Leaton, research director at SDI AOP, said: “Qontigo developed the SDI Dashboard to enable the investment community to easily assess their portfolios in terms of fulfilling sustainability criteria.

“Multiple portfolios can be uploaded using Qontigo’s cloud-based platform. The individual instruments are then mapped to our SDI universe and an aggregated portfolio view as well as various drill-down views are made available.”

The SDI AOP data universe currently comprises more than 9,000 companies which are classified according to their product and service-related revenue contributions to the SDGs. 

In response to user demand, the SDI classification dataset was recently extended to include emerging markets fixed income issuers.

The SDI AOP was launched in 2020 to work with investors to embed the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their investment processes and integrate SDG contributions into their portfolio management and reporting, enabling target setting and progress monitoring.

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